Sunday, April 29, 2007

A weekend.

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I just got back from the most excellent weekend, ever. There was adventure, yard sales, polaroids bought for a song, and lots of belly laughter. Nothing compares to good friends and good times. It's true. The weekend was perfect in almost every way.


What a Catastrophe!

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My name is Brittany and this is where I write. I live in France.  At 8, I knew that I wanted to go to France. At 15, I went for a year. At 21, I'm here for two. When not writing this blog, I will most likely be sipping champagne in the caves of Reims, schlepping through the marché or thinking up ridiculous shenanigans. My life is glamorous.

Most likely if you are here (reading this blog) you know me and how I am kind of ridiculous. I always end up living in the living room of my apartments. I currently live in the metropolis of Reims. . . I'm moving to Paris in a few months.

p.s. This blog is on it's own journey as much as I am; changes will be somewhat often, most likely drastic, and absurd. This is just the way it is.