Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a Catastrophe!

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My name is Brittany and this is where I write. I live in France.  At 8, I knew that I wanted to go to France. At 15, I went for a year. At 21, I'm here for two. When not writing this blog, I will most likely be sipping champagne in the caves of Reims, schlepping through the march√© or thinking up ridiculous shenanigans. My life is glamorous.

Most likely if you are here (reading this blog) you know me and how I am kind of ridiculous. I always end up living in the living room of my apartments. I currently live in the metropolis of Reims. . . I'm moving to Paris in a few months.

p.s. This blog is on it's own journey as much as I am; changes will be somewhat often, most likely drastic, and absurd. This is just the way it is.


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