Friday, May 18, 2007


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My days are measured in points. Or more appropriately, I guess I should say that my food is measured in points. But then again, when I think of how much I think about what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, and when and where I'm eating; I might as well say that my day is measured in points.

Sometimes after a failed difficult day with Weight Watchers, I think that when I try to log onto the website I will receive a "We're sorry but you've exceeded points for the year, better luck next time" message or "Hello Fatty, how was that cake?" message. But, oh well, the program does work, well it will work if you follow it correctly.

But even when I have a rough day with it, it's o.k. and I know that tomorrow I will get up and go to the gym and attempt to gather up what self confidence I have left. Because although I may look like a fool (half dying as I bumble through my hour workout) I know that the moment I finish the whole thing, I will feel. . .well. . .badass.

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  1. Weight Watchers is great! You're so right that if you follow the plan and eat within the required points you WILL lose weight. It's so nice to do a diet that you know will work. Now... if I could only follow the plan more often! :)
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