Sunday, May 6, 2007

a good slumber party

I love my friends. Why do I enjoy them so much? Well, first off they put up with me and my disaster of a life; second, they like doing things like slumber parties. For the record, we are not 13 year old school girls, but even in our early 20's we do love a good slumber party. Last night was our second slumber party and the date coincided with Cinco de Mayo. My friends (never missing a chance to add a theme or title to our extravaganzas) immediately decided that this party would be a Mexican fiesta: a celebration of tequila, pinatas, and random debauchery. Brunch would follow the next morning and is typically my favorite part of the entire process.

The night started off with a trip to Wal-mart in Steph's VW. We went to buy a pinata worthy of our party. There was an ample selection of paper mache goods and it boiled down to a unicorn, a Mexican star, and Dora. Each had its own unique benefit. The Mexican star fulfilled the theme requirements, the unicorn= totally badass, and Dora, well nothing could make me more happy than beating the shit out of Dora.

We picked the Unicorn and named him but kept forgetting which name we chose.

The night was as expected, debaucherous, full of pinata, and tequila.

Brunch was delicious, Mexican, and as usual we were a difficult group to accommodate.


  1. well, it didn't go COMPLETELY as expected... what with the suprise and all

  2. when i woke up this morning - the entire passenger seat of the vw was covered in loose candy. COVERED. i think we may have bought too much...