Thursday, May 3, 2007

In the Dark

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I'm sitting at my kitchen table with 11 candles (nine of them tea lights) lit and typing this entry in Mac mail. Why you might ask am I sitting here with the light out?

  • Is it to enjoy the seemingly romantic and ambient light cast by the candles? No. 
  • Is it to relax and envelope myself in the delicate perfumes of cucumber and cantaloupe? No. 
  • Is it to reduce energy emissions? No. 

My electricity went out around 8:30 p.m. and I am none too happy. I am afraid of the dark. I've always been afraid of the dark. I used to make my younger sister sleep with me because I felt that somehow having my little sister in my bed with me would make even the scariest bogeyman go away. Always being a cautious child, I made her sleep on the side nearest the door JUST IN CASE!

The electricity going out brought an unexpected meeting with one of my neighbors. I encountered a schoolteacher, who I previously thought of as the door- that- hangs- seasonal- mittens. She is duly afraid of the dark and we nervously chatted; pranced around like schoolgirls while showing each other our respective apartments by the glow of a flashlight. Her apartment has the MOST adorable black and white checkered tiles and even has a built in bookshelf, granted her apartment is smaller, but 50's chic is absolutely fantastico. I loved it. It's kind of how I imagine my post grad apartment. A little cramped (but cozy), a little dingy (but homey), and definitely involving an adorable little kitchen; it's the kind of place I could see myself pouring out craft projects out of craft zine or knitting!

(update: I left at 8:30 and came back at 10:45)

I left my house at 8:30, the tea lights were looking low and I was starting to get hungry. I had been planning on cooking a meal of rice and broccoli something light and healthy to balance out the veggie burger and donuts from the office. . . sigh. I walked around the corner hoping to find the bright lights and sweet sounds of mariachi music of my favorite burrio place El Pelon, but alas, the stools were upside down and the floors were being wiped. To further mock my rumbling stomache I could smell the sweet odor of bubbling black beans and the delightful grease of good fried plantains. I trudged on halfheartedly. I made it to TOMB where I giggle with Steph, Matt, Garytt, and Noah over my dark dilemma and then headed over to Quiznos.

Quiznos is slow. It's also hot and gross from their magic toasty machine. After them taking 8,000 years to make my sandwich I walked over to TOMB, hung out, and finally left when they closed. I went with Noah and Matt to the grocery store and looked for a flashlight (hoping against all hope that I would come home and not need to use it), but I couldn't even find out. Not a single torch could be found.

As I walked back to my apartment some of the streets showed signs of life and signs of light. My street was still dark. I walked slowly, talking with my sister and as I neared my door POP all the lights flicked on. It was magic. I have never felt more like I was in a book or a movie or even a fairy-tale. It was beauteous. It was almost as if someone had flicked on the light as easily as I flick on my bedroom light. Everything illuminated at once. Magic. Perfect. Wondrous.

The lights even looked a little brighter.


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