Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jolly Good Porter

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Work was good today. I worked on a blog post that took me an absurd amount of time, but it did require some research and some creativity; also, posts like the one I did today often distract me because they have a myriad of options. The day got even better because I knew that Steph was coming in to check out the new HP for our website. I merrily tapped along on my laptop at as I waited for a good afternoon of shopping in Porter's Square.

Steph arrived and I got very excited because it meant that shopping was soon and work being done was even sooner! We hopped in the car after buying Diet Coke PLUS (with vitamins!) at Brooks and were on our way. We didn't get lost. We swiftly found parking and we're out on the street in no time. Porter's Square is lovely. I am in love with it. I'm in love with the shop full of Mexican treasures. I'm in love with the five billion Indian stores on Mass ave. I'm in love with it all and we only made it down one side of Mass ave.

After a bit, we got hungry famished and if Steph gets hungry one does not cannot forget it. She will remind you each second! So we began to look for a place to eat in earnest. After seeing a plethora of Indian/Thai/Chinese options, we began to rethink the idea of eating in Porter. We also began rethinking the 2 hour time limit of our parking spot. Slightly defeated yet cheery we moved onward to the good ol' VW. Suddenly I was overcome with the fact that I wanted, no, needed, to eat pasta. So I suggested the only reasonable place to go if one is in Somerville Dave's Fresh Pasta. Sounds slightly brilliant right? Well if you answered, "yes" to that rhetorical question you would be more than wrong. Because Dave's Fresh Pasta does not in fact sell pasta for eating. Well, that isn't correct either because it does sell pasta just not the kind one can consume right away; which translates roughly into, "cook it at home, bitch." We settled. We settled for the most delicious sandwiches one could ever eat. I really mean it. Mine was of the gods. Stephanie suggested that the perfection lay in the perfectly toasted and delicately tasting baguettes (for the record, I had originally wanted asiago cheese bread, but being the fantastic and FRESH place that they were; they were simply out). We devoured our happy marriages of tasty and fresh and were on our way home.

Nothing is more perfect than driving over the Mass ave. bridge on a sunny day. Nothing.

(also, we only got lost once, but just once)

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