Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Tuesday and a bad beginning of May.

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You would expect a Tuesday morning not to be so tragic - Monday, yes is a totally proper day for tragedy- but Tuesday, Tuesday is the day you are supposed to have your shit together, it's the second day of the week and so by default totally less tragic. But not a Brittany - first day of the month - Tuesday. Tuesday was the 1st day of May and coincidentally the 1st day of the May T pass.

On Monday night, I decided that I couldn't - just couldn't- go get my T pass at the end of the day, and so I decided that I would get up a bit early, walk across the park, run to Espresso Royale (Mmmmm bagel), and skip up the stairs to the Cashier's office. After getting up somewhat early, shuffling my feet across the park, practically inhaling my delicious creation of carb and dairy, and dragging my body up the flight of stairs, I arrived at the Cashier's office to wait in line.

 The office opens at 8:30 on the dot ( I have to be at work at 9am).  I am obligated to add on the dot because they never NEVER open up even a tiny bit early for the pleading and mildly convincing faces of co-op students. After waiting about 10 minutes in line (10 very precious minutes) I arrive at the front of the queue and find out to my dismay that I hadn't even paid for this pass AND that Northeastern doesn't provide T passes in the summer. I do what any other somewhat educated girl would do, I panic. I panic all the way down Huntington Avenue and barrel down (still panicking mind you!) the stairs of the Symphony T stop. I throw myself on the "no cash" guichet and try to do the TAP TAP TAP and GO! of the Charlie Card (UPDATE: it's 8:55).

 Finally I get it all to work and I am further distracted by a man asking me for 10 cents to pay for his card/ T fare. I dig in my abyss of a purse and desperately try to find the right coin. As my hand digs out another penny, I hear the din that can only mean SHIT, A TRAIN IS APPROACHING! I apologetically/distractedly say that I don't have the change and bumble over to the train. In my defense I was getting on the E line. The E line is death. The E line is probably the slowest and most unreliable part of the MBTA and so I had to just had to get on that train or suffer the consequences of potentially being an hour late!

I finally start to feel a little less panicky granted it's 9:00 and I am definitely still in the Back Bay and definitely not sipping my daily dose of caffeine at my desk in Davis. But at this point there is nothing I can do, I mean I'm stuck underground so pretty much absolutely nothing I can do without revealing my secret identity and showing everyone my magic skillz. The train rumbles on PRUDENTIAL. . . COPLEY. . .ARLINGTON. . .BOYLSTON. . .THIS TRAIN IS DISABLED PLEASE GET OFF THE TRAIN. . whatttt! I scramble off the train, run up the stairs and hurry over to Park Street (where I can finally catch the red line) and get on my safe, secure, little bundle of joy headed towards Alewife.

Final time of arrival at the wonderful working pod: 9:30 am

I hate the T.

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