Saturday, June 30, 2007

On ending Coop and Writing goals

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It's sort of over. This pretty much just means that I am returning in about 10 days. I have really enjoyed my 6 months at my job. It's been a great experience and I am totally excited to stay on part-time! On Friday they held an impromptu ice cream party for me. I didn't even expect it and I am totally the kind of person that always figures stuff out like that, but this surprise caught me off-guard. I figured that they wouldn't do anything because I am staying part-time and so I am not really leaving the company until August. Coop ending means school is starting up again, Monday, in fact.

School: weird. It will be so awkward to be in classes, but I think I will have a blast these next 2 months. I mean I'm taking Living and Working Abroad and French. You couldn't even dream up a better semester for me. I had to do my first homework assignment for LWA and the assignment was to write my goals for living and working in France.

They ended up being this (abridged version):

  • Travel to visit friends and host families

  • Figure out is France is the place for me. I think it is, but that is still looking through my 15 year old lens and I am ready to see it through the wizened eyes of a 20 year old.

  • Find a co-op in France (preferably in the technology sector) and see if this is a country I might like working in.

  • Be more opened minded. I want to stop comparing it to my old experience. This will be a new year and it will be different.

  • Pass all my classes. I really want to be invited back for the 2nd year and so I am determined to get good grades! Note: In France I will have to take 10 classes in 6 months. Northeastern only counts the 4 best grades and so some students tend to focus on the 4 and just coast by in the others. Also, in France an "A" is a 18-20/20, which to most French students is very difficult. French professors do not hand out "A's" like candy.

  • I'm excited to go back. Monday is going to be great. I can't wait to see my French Professor.

    Also Edwin and Lana moved out today and that was so sad. I will be visiting them in a few weeks so it seems more like a vacation, but it's not. Lana goes to Argentina at the end of July and Edwin is living at her parents for 6 months. I will miss them both. A lot.


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