Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where do the Days Go?

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I find myself in the middle of June and I can barely believe it. Well, I actually know where the days go and they are sucked into the black hole of full-time employment. Which is O.K., but slightly depressing at the same time. Lana leaves in two weeks and that is very very sad. I won't see her for a long time. Edwin goes with her. I will be visiting mid-July, but we have lived together for practically 3 years! So sometimes it is hard to say, "bye", but I am so happy for her! She has her living arrangement in Buenos Aires confirmed and will be living with a Dutchman and a German girl along with the Argentinian family. Also she plans to hike the Inca trail which means Machu Picchu is in her future. I really want to go to South America, it needs to happen.

I've been having weird back pain which has had me popping Advil and using a heating pad on a regular basis. To make matters more bizarre. .. I (gasp) have (more gasping) a cold! I never get sick. I rarely ever have a sniffle, but as of late the mucus in my sorry little nose has transformed into Niagara Falls. This is frustrating and I do not like being sick or the thought of being sick. I do not like carrying tissues. I do not like sneezing! I especially do not like being unable to breathe through my nose. No, this sickness will not do. It must go. Soon.

My little Chelsey needs to visit me. I miss her. I want her to do something Harry Potter with me, but I will settle for her company. She is good. I like being around her, she makes me laugh. I go to Ohio in 2 weeks, which will make me very happy. Because I will see friends and family. This will be the last time I can visit them for potentially 2 years and that is somewhat terrifying. My cousin is now 5 years old. I helped my Aunt fill out her adoption papers and now our family seems like it would be incomplete without her. She is a little spark of light and I love that my Aunt was able to find her. Sometimes things work out so perfectly and that to me is especially amazing.

Courtney will eventually come to visit me. I think she is planning on coming out here at the end of July. She is always fun to see the sights with and we always have a good time together. We might even go to NYC because Courtenious has not seen the Big Apple.

Things are coming together (and inadvertently falling apart at the same time).  I have a little more than two months left in Boston.


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