Friday, August 31, 2007

Pleasanton, Population: 8,266

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I've been in Pleasanton/ San Antonio for 5 days now and it isn't too bad at all. I like the slower pace and I think the bags under my eyes are finally going away. The last two days we've just stayed in town and lounged around. My mom and I have been running in the South Texas heat and it has been pretty hilarious, though I'll admit that the exposure to the sun was much needed since I was ever so pale coming from Boston.

Pleasanton is small.  So small in fact that my father is a local celebrity.  Ok. Maybe that is a stretch but he has totally had two billboards up on the main drag in the two years that we've lived here.  Another thing that reminds me I am not is Boston is the lack of ice coffee.  I'm an ice coffee fanatic.  In Pleasanton, there is no ice coffee available after 3 pm. We went to three coffee shops/ taco joints before we came to one that actually had ice coffee. The owner was locking the door. He told us he had to pick up his kids from school. There was no negotiating. I had to drink hot coffee in 100 degree weather.

I'm reminded of my next big task each time I trip over my overflowing duffel bags in my bedroom. I'm not ready to pack.

I think I am going to San Antonio tomorrow. . . converter shopping, webcam buying, and maybe a few shirts.

Tonight, I'm going to the Plestex to see the Nanny Diaries. The ticket price on a friday night: $5.00. The perks of living in a small town.


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