Monday, September 17, 2007

Conforama and Lifebook

We rented a Camion in France (a camion would be a uhaul-ish vehicle but is much more deformed and much more hilarious to drive). Kristyn had to drive because I have no idea what stick even really means and so I was pretty much there to navigate and give moral support. . . oh yea and to help unload the van. We stalled about 9 times in the parking lot until Kristyn realized the emergancy break was on and that was why we couldn't go. Oh did I mention that Kristyn doesn't normally drive stick? Well she learned on a stick but doesn't normally using her manual skills, but honestly, she did a great job.

Roundabouts in France are terrifying. For some reason in France the people coming on the roundabout have the right away and so everyone has to stop and let them get in. This makes no sense to me at all. . .but oh well I was just navigating. Oh yes. I am a terrible navigator. I don't pay attention very well and I start giggling. . . a lot. So when something would go wrong or we would make a wrong turn, I would start laughing instead of doing the normal thing and scurrying to correct the mistake. Kristyn almost killed me. But almost killed me in a good way. In a way that was both hilarious and stressful. We figured it out and ended up at our apartment where we scurried around grabbing boxes and throwing them in our tiny tiny elevator.

Then Kristyn tried to move the van. The key would not turn. Not at all. We took turns trying to turn the key and desperately laughing. Hysterical, right? Finally, defeated we sadly asked a guy what was going on with this van business. I still have no idea what was wrong, all I know is that he turned on the van.

We finished unloading and headed back. It was easy to get back. We left Conforama with one casualty: the lifebook.

I lost the lifebook. Kristyn has this notebook that she refers to as the lifebook. It is the book within she writes down her life. Like everything. The notebook had only 20 pages left in it. That is how much she uses it. She uses it to write lists and then rewrite the same list (to organize them you see). Anytime people tell us something or a phone number needs to be documented it goes in the lifebook.You may be questioning how Kristyn can even stand an unorganized and disheveled individual such as myself, I question this everyday. Let's face it, the moment I got my hands on the lifebook it was lost. That is why I don't have a lifebook or at least my version of a lifebook has pictures of dinosaurs in it. The loss of the lifebook means that Kristyn is a ship without a compass, but she now has a shiny new one. I am slightly forgiven.

-please take a moment and mourn the loss of the lifebook. It was a sad day when it was realized that I had lost the lifebook.


  1. I imagine a proper lament for the lifebook to be a guttural sound. I feel like you fell off the face of the earth, how's the plummet?