Friday, October 19, 2007

A Fire

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I was in my general accounting class this morning and we were going over income statement problems, when the fire alarm went off. There was a pregnant pause. We all glared at the teacher, glared at each other, and then glared at life as we lifted up our bags and painstakingly moved towards the door of our classroom. It wasn't until we opened the door that we saw real smoke seeping into our classroom that we started to glare a little less and move a little more.

We filed out of the classroom and out the fire exit to the outside where we would be smoke free and seemingly safe. But then we were told to move once more because evidentally all the students need to be in one place where they are counted.

And then the firemen came.

The firemen have the shiniest hats I have ever seen. I believe their hats are what firemen in space will eventually have. Their firetrucks look like they have been smushed together (pretty much like all their cars look here) and so it was pretty great to see French firemen at work.

We quickly realized it was just a drill.

The whole process took about 30 minutes and finished off my accounting class, but when we went back to the classroom I saw a suspect remote control nearby. Upon peering into the next classroom, I saw what had caused our "smoke" from before: a fog machine.

The French take fire drills to the next level. I mean, I'm a dramatic person, but that is the most awesome, terrifying and hilarious thing ever and I totally never saw that coming. As a sort of fog machine expert (from my days as an Ancient Egyptian Guide) I should have known. But who really would have thought they would have scared us into submission. . . . with a fog machine?


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