Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving: the day we made our mothers proud

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It started two weeks ago with a Facebook event invitation. I was sitting trying to studying for the accounting final and it suddenly hit me. Thanksgiving was upon us. There had been talk about splitting up the group of thirteen Americans and having satellite Thanksgiving dinners, but in the end we decided it just couldn't be and wouldn't be right. So we sent out the invitation and immediately the ball got rolling, and oh would it roll.

Fast forward two weeks and there are 35 people stuffed into my bedroom.

A slight rewind:

We started cooking on Tuesday night or Pie Night as it was affectionately named. A few of the other girls and I got together and baked 5 pies. Two pumpkin and three apple. But these were no ordinary pies. These were magic pies. Baked with love, charisma and awkward conversation. The pumpkin pie was amazingly fresh and made from real pumpkin NOT OUT OF A CAN. I was terrified that it wouldn't be good and kept bringing up the idea of doing test runs (I don't know when I started to get so nutty about cooking). The pies came out beautifully and we even had one that had a pastry turkey to top one off.

Thursday morning we had our French Law class. We couldn't pay attention. We were too full of excitement. IT WAS THANKSGIVING! We rushed home in a tizzy from class and began to get organized. Began to get organized by moving all my furniture out of my room and into various placces in the apartment. My armoire= the hallway, my bed= Kristyn's room, and my desk= the kitchen. It was nuts. The tables and chairs began to arrive all 6 tables and all 28 chairs and we began to feel a little hopeful, a little like it was actually going to work out. . . not to be too cheezy but . . . a little thankful.

I made corn casserole and a pumpkin gratin. Both were well recieved and I continued my typical Thanksgiving tradition of eating corn casserole for breakfast the day after. Corn casserole is so delicious. It is so ooey-gooey and wonderful. I digress.

7pm came around. We had a monstrous amount of food. Any previous concerns that we had about feeding our 35 friends hd been thrown out the window. People came over and surprisingly everyone fit in my room, everyone had a seat . . .well except Kristyn and I, but that was not an issue because we were running around the apartment (small as it may be) like chickens with our heads cut off.

I told the Thanksgiving story to everyone in French, pilgrims, starving, corn and all. We made everyone say what they were thankful for. I was thankful for so many exciting people being there.

But Thanksgiving held other surprises. A totally Thanksgiving type (holiday, warm and fuzzy) suprise, like the text message I recieved from our neighbors wishing us a "bon fête"*.

The night went swimmingly and only one table fell down (the tables were shoddy from the student residence). But there was so much friendship and so much excitement and that was what made the night. The fact that people where having their first Thanksgivings and it was with us. I feel like we all made our mothers and grandmothers proud last Thursday night. Because darling, we threw one great party.

Photos, as always, are here:

*We had posted signs all over our building informing our neighbors that we were going to have a big party on Thursday for our traditional American holiday.


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