Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paris: Here I come

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I've been wrapping things up as of late in the booming metropolis of Reims. Over the last week I have pretty much been commuting to Paris going from interview to interview! Today, I can honestly say I have done the most interviews of my short life . . . in French. I was asked so many questions, like: what is your favorite website?; what is a life proverb that you have?; and also a plethora of normal questions, but mind you everything was in French and everything was responded to in French.  I practically had an ulcer after day one.

The craziest experience was when I was at L'Oréal and they squirted shampoo on the table and asked me to give three adjectives about the smell and color. I can promise you; I'm not working at L'Oréal. But all that is finished now that I have a job! Hooray! A job that is going to be interesting and exciting as I know the company and they are going to send me a portfolio of information to get started (I'm taking a week off to move and be a human). And to boot, we also found an apartment that isn't very far from where I'm going to work. I think I will have a 20 minute commute but that is "peanuts"*.

So that means I have to devote all my attention to the looming exams that are coming up in a week. I just started studying on Friday when I was sure I had a job (before then I had been too stressed) and now things are all coming together. Hooray! So pardon my absence during these next few weeks! I'll be studying, examing, and then moving! Bleck! But then I'll be in Paris!

*For some reason in France it is common to use "peanuts" in their daily lingo. My managerial finance professor when describing a 100,000 difference in an answer. . . c'est peanuts.


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