Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paris: One week

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I'm moving to Paris in a week.  But it isn't going to be a week of lounging and having a splendid time with friends.  Well, it will most likely include that at some point as this morning started off with a pancake extravaganza and last night was a lasagna gathering, but tomorrow: exams begin.

I will be taking 8 exams this week.  One on Monday and Friday and Tuesday-Thursday it will be two exams a day.  I don't know if I'm ready.  Honestly, I've been studying like mad and I'm not the type of person who studys like this.  I'm the type that will absorb throughout the semester and somehow do really well at the end of it all, but I do that in my first language: English.

I've been going over pages and pages of notes and classpacks. . . sifting through the European expansion, Trade finance interest rates, and company strategy.  But its all coming down to tomorrow: the beginning. But really its the beginning of the end as on Friday night I will be packing for Paris. Saturday, the van leaves at 10.  By 3pm we should be at Ikea purchasing the most exciting and delightful items ever as new bedding is needed for larger beds and other household items.

Next Sunday, I will be sleeping in my new Paris bed; falling asleep to the shadows of Paris lights.


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