Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wow, I’m back

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It took us over a month for us to get Internet. We started the long process on February 12 and the little button on our livebox stopped blinking yesterday the 14th.

What a hassle.

But I'm here. In Paris. You've caught me at my pseudo one month anniversary and things have been happening at our little apartment.

First off, my apartment will be herein referred to as the Penthouse, because it takes me 7 flights of stairs to get there and it is wonderfully grand. I like it. My bed takes up my entire room so it is more like sleeping on the floor every night than anything. It is also incredibly low to the ground which makes it interesting. I like it though, and I fall asleep nestled between a garden of ikea flower. My room is cute.

The Penthouse is working out quite well. We are all interning at various parts in and out of Paris, and its been a whirlwind of commuting learning the ropes and settling in. I took a week off before I started my internship to grab so much needed rest. But I didn't end up resting too much. It was more getting things done, being hassled with Penthouse necessities and dealing with our sexy landlord.

My internship is great. I get to do all my work on a Mac which is brilliant and exciting and fun. I'm in charge of a lot of stuff that I am interested in and this week I really started to feel like I was getting a feel for the numbers. I'm doing search engine marketing coupled with affiliate marketing and then whatever else I can get my hands on. It's cool work and it's for an even cooler company. I dig it.

We've been baking a lot. Since we've moved in, we've made:
Pretty exciting stuff. We have a nice little oven and it is getting used all the time. Last night we had a little dinner party where we made a gorgeous lasagna and had some smashing salad.

Paris is different in a big way. When we were in Reims our little community was so close together and now were are spread out among the arrondissements of Paris. Its been interesting to see the effort we make to hang out and be together. Its inspiring in a community centric way and to be honest, I love it.


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