Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bikes in Reims

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We really want to get bikes for next.  As three of us are toying with the idea to spend our second year in Reims, France the idea of settling down and in seems to be going around in all our heads.

When we came last semester we came with an air of uncertainty, the knowledge that we would be splitting our time between Reims and Paris; thus moving 6 months through.  There was also the uncertainty of staying for the second year: we asked ourselves, "would we stay?, would we pass?, would we want to?". As exam results came in last week we  answered "would we pass?" and now are faced with the remaining two questions.

I want a bike, so does that indirectly mean I want to stay?  I like the idea of biking around Reims, just small enough to not be killed by traffic, and just small enough to not be a taxing endeavor .  Staying for the second year means things are going to heat up scholastically.  We will have a 80-100 page thesis due, a 20 page report on our internship, and a new battery of seemingly impossible exams.  But I also have our student council group to look forward to, the optimization of French skills, and also a chance to avoid a December graduation.

All in all it also comes back to: "Do I want to go back to Boston?"


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