Thursday, April 10, 2008


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I love when people visit. It really makes me happy that people have come to see me this year.  My first visitor was my friend Laura (a best buddy from Boston) who I met up with when I went to Lyon.  She is a school friend/old roommate/adored individual.  Followed closely by little Chelsey, who adventured around Paris and Barcelona with me with a great amount of flair and fun on bikes and on public transport.  Then Lana came who brought bagels and happiness and very importantly scrabble!  On her heels were Krista and then Vincent - two friends from my year in Lyon.

It's nuts how many people you connect with in the various adventures in life.  When I was little my mom used to always get mad at me because I would have new "best friends" every other week. I was known for bringing a friend home a bunch of times and then finding someone else and doing the exact same thing.  But one thing is for sure, no matter where I have been I always have my close friend - my friend I can count on, can make any joke too and also have a good time with whatever the circumstances.  Luckily even though I've gone to a few different schools in my life and met a lot of new people I still keep in contact with my favorite people from each step of my life.

Because I believe you should hold onto the good things. I believe that you should keep in contact religiously with the people who matter most and who also have a good sense of humor and witty social commentary.  Whether it be dropping in a christmas card or shooting over an email nothing feels better than knowing that you are connected with a group of amazing people who like literary terms as much as you do.

I was video chatting with Lana tonight and I realized that I hadn't uploaded our photos from her visit.  I was so glad to see her and it was a really awesome visit :).  Her photos made me think of how great my friends are.


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