Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ending Sundays

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Its midnight and I should be sleeping.  But for some reason I can't will myself to shut my eyes and end such a lovely day.  Sundays are beautiful.  Paris is starting to become a balmy sanctuary and I am starting to adore it even more. Let's face it; I'm smitten with Paris.

It all started on Friday.  Convinced by my roommate that my head would explode if I studied any longer I took the evening off, got my eyebrows threaded and went on a bike ride with an end destination of Le Kitch. Le Kitch has an amazing drink called the Shrek, a green and goopy refreshing ogre like substance, but wonderfully frozen and oh so tasty.  Its like a frozen mojito.  We are currently so obsessed with them that we went back on Saturday for happy hour.  Nothing beats $5 Shreks on a warm day.  And it had been a wonderfully warm day where we studied in the park and then went for more bike rides on velibs. I had 3 Shreks! We then took our bikes and rode to Sacre Coeur to watch the sunset, but our Shreks had made us a little slow and we missed the sunset, we sat on the hillside anyway; because one doesn't need a reason to admire the Paris skyline. 

Oh Sunday brunch, how I love thee. My favorite day of the week/ meal is Sunday brunch.  Today was divine.  The sun was shining and we went to a new place.  I love new places. Something about finding a place that plays fun music, is on the canal and has a delicious veggie bagel sandwich makes my week. And even though I had to come home and study after brunch, the windows being all open and the sunlight streaming in the apartment made it ok. Made me realize that I should be indoors anyways because I burn lobster red if I'm out for too long.  So brunch made do.  I got my RDA of biking, sun and delicious food in. . . all at once and all with friends. 

We had Indian delight for dinner and then one of my favorite desserts: fruit pizza.

Now its time for bed and tomorrow I have to wake up study some more and go take my test.  Somewhere in the back of my head I'm reasoning that if I don't fall asleep tomorrow won't happen and I won't have to end my perfect Sunday (even if it might be monday already). I've got 6 more hours in Texas. Denial is one of the most innocent states of being.

I could deny Monday forever.


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