Thursday, May 8, 2008

I love holidays

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The French are notorious for their holidays.  I always knew that August was a crazy month for holidays, but never did I realize that the entire month of May is absolutely filled with days off.  It's wonderful.

Not that I don't like going to work.  I'm pretty obsessed with my internship, ok, I'm totally obsessed with my internship.  But still having to go to work only 2-3 days of the week is fantastic.  Today we slept in and awoke to a Paris still in tune with the most beautiful weather ever.

It is glorious.

You know what else is glorious? Commuting by bike.  I think I have mentioned velib before and how it is the most wonderful system ever.  I have my metro card that I signed up for a membership for my navigo on and so my metro and navigo card are one in the same - fantastic.  I can go up to any stand at any moment and just grab a bike to go and then when I'm done/tired/bored I can just put it back anywhere in the city. 

It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work by bike and honestly they are some of the most perfect 30 minutes I spend each day. On the way home if I get stuck at a light, I can look up and take in an amazing "Paris moment" as Sacre Coeur looks directly down at me and my only option is to pedal toward it.

These days I cringe at the sight of the metro.


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