Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going Vegan

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I'm on day two doing a  food regrouping / life thoughts / diet-starting  cleanse.  I had had it in my hat for a few weeks now, mulling over which one to do and sort of in general noticing that I've gained weight and needed to do something that would be a good/big change in my eating patterns.  I didn't want to do this stupid cleanse, but instead wanted to embark upon something that would be healthy and not something I would be starving on since I do work 5 days a week.  Luckily one of my favorite bloggers got inspired by this famous African American woman, and wrote about it.  Not being in the US tends to leave me shielded from the lastest fad diet ;-).

So I am officially doing a 14 day (I reduced the time to be more realistic ;-) but I may continue  if I like it) cleanse and so will not be eating sugar, drinking anything with caffiene or alcohol (well see how this goes), and also following a vegan/ gluten free diet.

So now you may be asking... what will she be eating?  Well thankfully my roommate is Indian and brings to the table a ton of vegan recipes, and all my roommates really like to cook so that leads us into looking around the internets for fun and interesting recipes that taste like slices of heaven! So far we've found this one, and a ton of others here, and so these next two weeks will be full of adventure.

We went to the organic store yesterday and ordered a "panier de legumes" which is similar to a CSA subscription (I wrote my Middler year thesis on this) and so for 12 euros we will be receiving 4 days worth of veg for 2 people for 12 euros. So we are pretty pumped to see what is coming to us on Thursday!

Yesterday, I had an aching caffiene headache, and today it has slightly lightened up, but I'm determined to get to bed earlier and see it through. 

I'll leave you with 3 of our current favorite things: lentil salad and beet salad with a yogurt sauce.

Lentil Goodness:
-1 can of lentils (drain but don't rinse)
- fresh cut up chives
- sea salt to taste
- cashews a good handful/ more depending on how many lentils.
*mix this all together and enjoy on pita bread or with rice cakes (gluten free) 

Beet yum factory:
-3 good sized already-boiled beets (they should be cold)
-1/2 medium sized red onion
- a good handful of shredded carrot or cucumber
- olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste
- sea salt to taste
- peanuts are great if you have them (optional)
- feta if you want some cheese in there
* like the other salad this is great with pita bread or rice cakes. 

Yogurt sauce:
-2 individual cartons of yogurt
-1/4 medium sized red onion
- finely shredded cucumber
- sea salt to taste
* mix it up and serve it with the two salads.

We tend to make them at the same time and enjoy a little taste of each which makes our meals less boring and so delicious.  It also is great because they don't involve any cooking and so you can get home and whip some "leafless" salads. Try mixing different ingredients, as we find have found our salads are never the same, we ending up using whatever is in the fridge. Also since the yogurt sauce isn't vegan (you could substitute soy yogurt) you don't have to add it on.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The End of the World

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Last night I went to the End of the World. Fin du Monde (End of the World in French) is the last big party of the year for my school.  It's also the night that the new BDE (student council/party planners/awesome group of people) take their place of power (officially called the passation de pouvoir).  And it's also the last night that some of us will see each other.  So I went to this party pretty much planning on working it whether it be bartending, turning sausages on the bbq or helping drunk kids into buses because after midnight, Melting Pote (my BDE group) took the reins of CESEM.  All in all it was a pretty crazy night with people dancing, going à poil, and partying to the early light of the morning (6am was the last bus to leave). 

All of this took place about an hour outside of Reims, in a huge fort, which means that after work on Friday I went directly to the train station to get to Reims and then took the last bus (because as a Mper I was obligated to codirect the buses).  When we got there is was obvious that people were a little trashed because they had been partying since 7pm and I got there around 11h00ish.

We were serving drinks out of bucket. It was pretty disgusting.  You would take 4 cartons of apple juice and the just start adding vodka to taste (yes, we had to do a first bucket taste before serving).  Then we would just dip cups in to serve.  I'm pretty sure we broke 4,000 health code violations last night whilst producing some of the most foul tasting cocktails I've ever tasted. 

There was also a bbq.  Thank goodness I'm a vegetarian so I was not even tempted to taste some of the disgusting creations that came off the grill.  My roommates told me they kept being served partially raw franks ( these were not typical ball park dogs . . .these were legitimate sausages...meaty, meaty sausages).  I remember just walking by  and there being lots of fire and smoke.

My roommate and I had decided that we would be martyrs and take the 2h30 bus back to Reims (the BDE had arranged buses between Reims and the fort) and since it took an hour to get there and then we had to come back (to help clean) so we would be missing out on  near two and a half hours of prime party time.  We reflected on this and decided it would be a prime time to sneak in a mid-party nap.  We lucked out on the way there and only had one person vomit (IN A BAG :-) and on the retour we slept.

When we got back we definitely found out that we had missed some interesting happenings at the party.  There were people on the ground, our friend in the back of an ambulance and people sleeping in random places. 

One of the responsibilites that our BDE has when we take over is the pleasure of cleaning up after the party.  MadMix planned it and MeltingPote cleaned up after it.  And let me tell you picking up thousands of cups after a 700 person student party is not fun.  And "not fun" is a gross understatement.  We started cleaning at 4 am and weren't totally finished when we left (I had a train to catch) at 8 am.  We swept, mopped, and held our breath as we started to clean up and deal with the armageddon that had occurred. 

It's quite surreal to pick up hundreds of small white cups as the sky wrinkles between shades of night into early morning. 

Also, I've come to the conclusion that students are some of the most disgusting creatures I have seen

Even if it was a lot of work, I'm proud of the Melting Potes, we came together, and worked hard.  We arrived as a team, played hard as a team, and cleaned as a team.  I've had my doubts throughout the year as we learned more and more what we would have to do more next year, but now my doubts are starting to flicker away.  I've always said that the MadMix is comprised of a group of extraordinary humans, but I'm pretty sure that some bits of extraordinary are roving throughout my group. To conclude...I'm pretty excited for next year!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Something that may change this year's election. . .

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Lana,

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Dear Lana,

I wish you all the luck in the world on your test tomorrow. I think you will do brilliantly. On one part because you have been studying your tail off for the last 3 months and the other because you are so
damn smart.

I think you will be an amazing doctor and Med schools are going to be begging to let you into their schools, because you really kickass, speak three languages and are one of the best friends I could have. I think my personal opinion of you trumps all because I adore you, dear girl.

Also, I'm particularly convinced that it doesn't even matter what the results are after tomorrow, because you will do great things no matter what title comes at the end of your name! What really matters will be
the adventures we have and the great memories that come from them.

So Miss Lana, I wish you tons of luck and I will be sending good thoughts your way.

Best of luck, lots of love, and tons of good wishes.

Your best friend,


New mobile, photo-blogging app hits iPhone

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TypePad got some great coverage at the Apple Keynote.  Pretty great stuff, makes me think my next phone will be an iPhone :-). Right ... Mom and Dad?

Video: New mobile, photo-blogging app hits iPhone - CNET News.com

In other matters, have you seen the revamped twitter feeds Frankenhoodie and I have installed on the blog?

I think they are fantastic.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Days in Paris

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The ladies of the Penthouse and I watched the movie 2 days in Paris the other day, and we really enjoyed it.  At first I was hesitant, the cover looked a bit too colorful, and the reviews a little too forced, but we were looking for a comedy because The Diving Bell and the Butterfly looked a little too- how you say- "heavy", for a night after a full day of work. 

The female lead, Marion, is a photographer and one of the cameras she uses is a polaroid. I'm newly obsessed with taking polaroid pictures (check out this project everyday polaroid) after a. Frankenhoodie gave me my own polaroid and b. I found a Polaroid Land  Camera.  -brief side note on my land camera. . . I found it in the famous St. Ouen Marché des Puces after mentioning that morning that I really wanted another polaroid (vintage, because I'm lame) and just after going through the market we came upon it at the last stand for a mere 15 euros (I haggled the man down - of course - in FRENCH!) From then on I went to purchase the ridiculously expensive film (that makes me feel badass because I have to go buy it at the professional polaroid store) and reworked the battery.  Now the only things that are stopping me from taking amazingly cute photos are grey days and the flash kit that I need to buy. I digress.

But anyways, back to the point. The argument between the couple is that the boyfriend Jack is not the photographer, but is always taking photos as a way to escape from the moment.  Marion notes that if you are behind a camera how can you really see what is happening, you are taking a analytical look at a natural moment.  So what brought this on was the fact that I just uploaded a bunch of photos and I can't help but remark during some of the best times I've had, come the smallest amount of photos. 

When you're in the moment everything is so gloriously wonderful that is doesn't matter if you aren't capturing it with lenses and a memory card, because you don't need to.  The moment you step behind the camera you leave. You leave as you need to steady your hand, check the flash, and get everyone together, but you loose what was really happening and are left with only shadows of what was. 

At this point, I have nearly 2,000 photos on flickr and I wouldn't trade them for anything - because let's be honest, sometimes you need a shadow to give your memory lines to color within. 

Read this really great interview with Julie Delphy about the film.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Asthma Attackers!

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Hello all.   A few weeks ago myself and two friends decided that we'd start a band. We named ourselves the Asthma Attackers and then, in the true spirit of the 21st century, we made a myspace before we made any music. We hadn't even listened to each other play but on the internet we were serious business.  It became sort of a hobby to watch how many individuals viewed our page (still is) and wonder how they had ended up there. 

However, even as the counter struck 200 we still had no friend requests.  So, in an effort to draw in all those lost souls that have viewed our page and not deemed that love-able dog (look at the site) as friend worthy I have posted a sampler of our music.  Now, it's very rough and it's a cover so it's really not the asthma attackers but it's music and that dog is so damn cute.  So, the long and short of it is friend us... now?

Asthma Attackers!


Estelle - American Boy

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I hate that I like this song. But it's so damn catchy. I'm currently humming it. Gah.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

création : le blog de la création: Weezer vs YouTube: la revanche des nerds

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Even if you can't read the text the youtube clips in this post are synonymous with some of the best things on the web.  I will never forget the first time I saw "shoes" and laughed hysterically at it for a week.  The deep voice of the 70 kid that sings, "Purple Rain" never ceases to pull me in with his rich baritone (honestly it's like richer than rich :-)

So check out the link and don't mind the French.
création : le blog de la création: Weezer vs YouTube: la revanche des nerds

Monday, June 2, 2008

Olympics = Murder!

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Kitty Genocide!

This year the Olympics are taking place in Beijing and it seems like everyone is protesting.  Why?  Well, there is the whole free Tibet issue, the pollution issue and the fact that Chinese are now performing genocide on cats (strays and non-strays) in an attempt to clean up for the summer games.  That's where I draw the line.  No Olympics for me (not that I was going or anything).