Saturday, June 14, 2008

The End of the World

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Last night I went to the End of the World. Fin du Monde (End of the World in French) is the last big party of the year for my school.  It's also the night that the new BDE (student council/party planners/awesome group of people) take their place of power (officially called the passation de pouvoir).  And it's also the last night that some of us will see each other.  So I went to this party pretty much planning on working it whether it be bartending, turning sausages on the bbq or helping drunk kids into buses because after midnight, Melting Pote (my BDE group) took the reins of CESEM.  All in all it was a pretty crazy night with people dancing, going à poil, and partying to the early light of the morning (6am was the last bus to leave). 

All of this took place about an hour outside of Reims, in a huge fort, which means that after work on Friday I went directly to the train station to get to Reims and then took the last bus (because as a Mper I was obligated to codirect the buses).  When we got there is was obvious that people were a little trashed because they had been partying since 7pm and I got there around 11h00ish.

We were serving drinks out of bucket. It was pretty disgusting.  You would take 4 cartons of apple juice and the just start adding vodka to taste (yes, we had to do a first bucket taste before serving).  Then we would just dip cups in to serve.  I'm pretty sure we broke 4,000 health code violations last night whilst producing some of the most foul tasting cocktails I've ever tasted. 

There was also a bbq.  Thank goodness I'm a vegetarian so I was not even tempted to taste some of the disgusting creations that came off the grill.  My roommates told me they kept being served partially raw franks ( these were not typical ball park dogs . . .these were legitimate sausages...meaty, meaty sausages).  I remember just walking by  and there being lots of fire and smoke.

My roommate and I had decided that we would be martyrs and take the 2h30 bus back to Reims (the BDE had arranged buses between Reims and the fort) and since it took an hour to get there and then we had to come back (to help clean) so we would be missing out on  near two and a half hours of prime party time.  We reflected on this and decided it would be a prime time to sneak in a mid-party nap.  We lucked out on the way there and only had one person vomit (IN A BAG :-) and on the retour we slept.

When we got back we definitely found out that we had missed some interesting happenings at the party.  There were people on the ground, our friend in the back of an ambulance and people sleeping in random places. 

One of the responsibilites that our BDE has when we take over is the pleasure of cleaning up after the party.  MadMix planned it and MeltingPote cleaned up after it.  And let me tell you picking up thousands of cups after a 700 person student party is not fun.  And "not fun" is a gross understatement.  We started cleaning at 4 am and weren't totally finished when we left (I had a train to catch) at 8 am.  We swept, mopped, and held our breath as we started to clean up and deal with the armageddon that had occurred. 

It's quite surreal to pick up hundreds of small white cups as the sky wrinkles between shades of night into early morning. 

Also, I've come to the conclusion that students are some of the most disgusting creatures I have seen

Even if it was a lot of work, I'm proud of the Melting Potes, we came together, and worked hard.  We arrived as a team, played hard as a team, and cleaned as a team.  I've had my doubts throughout the year as we learned more and more what we would have to do more next year, but now my doubts are starting to flicker away.  I've always said that the MadMix is comprised of a group of extraordinary humans, but I'm pretty sure that some bits of extraordinary are roving throughout my group. To conclude...I'm pretty excited for next year!


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