Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going Vegan

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I'm on day two doing a  food regrouping / life thoughts / diet-starting  cleanse.  I had had it in my hat for a few weeks now, mulling over which one to do and sort of in general noticing that I've gained weight and needed to do something that would be a good/big change in my eating patterns.  I didn't want to do this stupid cleanse, but instead wanted to embark upon something that would be healthy and not something I would be starving on since I do work 5 days a week.  Luckily one of my favorite bloggers got inspired by this famous African American woman, and wrote about it.  Not being in the US tends to leave me shielded from the lastest fad diet ;-).

So I am officially doing a 14 day (I reduced the time to be more realistic ;-) but I may continue  if I like it) cleanse and so will not be eating sugar, drinking anything with caffiene or alcohol (well see how this goes), and also following a vegan/ gluten free diet.

So now you may be asking... what will she be eating?  Well thankfully my roommate is Indian and brings to the table a ton of vegan recipes, and all my roommates really like to cook so that leads us into looking around the internets for fun and interesting recipes that taste like slices of heaven! So far we've found this one, and a ton of others here, and so these next two weeks will be full of adventure.

We went to the organic store yesterday and ordered a "panier de legumes" which is similar to a CSA subscription (I wrote my Middler year thesis on this) and so for 12 euros we will be receiving 4 days worth of veg for 2 people for 12 euros. So we are pretty pumped to see what is coming to us on Thursday!

Yesterday, I had an aching caffiene headache, and today it has slightly lightened up, but I'm determined to get to bed earlier and see it through. 

I'll leave you with 3 of our current favorite things: lentil salad and beet salad with a yogurt sauce.

Lentil Goodness:
-1 can of lentils (drain but don't rinse)
- fresh cut up chives
- sea salt to taste
- cashews a good handful/ more depending on how many lentils.
*mix this all together and enjoy on pita bread or with rice cakes (gluten free) 

Beet yum factory:
-3 good sized already-boiled beets (they should be cold)
-1/2 medium sized red onion
- a good handful of shredded carrot or cucumber
- olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste
- sea salt to taste
- peanuts are great if you have them (optional)
- feta if you want some cheese in there
* like the other salad this is great with pita bread or rice cakes. 

Yogurt sauce:
-2 individual cartons of yogurt
-1/4 medium sized red onion
- finely shredded cucumber
- sea salt to taste
* mix it up and serve it with the two salads.

We tend to make them at the same time and enjoy a little taste of each which makes our meals less boring and so delicious.  It also is great because they don't involve any cooking and so you can get home and whip some "leafless" salads. Try mixing different ingredients, as we find have found our salads are never the same, we ending up using whatever is in the fridge. Also since the yogurt sauce isn't vegan (you could substitute soy yogurt) you don't have to add it on.


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