Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How my school ruined Halloween

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I used to look forward to it. Every year we would talk about it, carefully planning, researching themes and details making sure to keep it all in secret so our good ideas weren't stolen by our  friends. As soon as the leaves turned yellow and burst into orange and red, it seemed to be all we could think about - the candy corn wonder of Halloween. 

I remember one of my favorite costumes growing up:  a flower pot.  I can't recall if it was a hand-me-down from my sisters or if it was just something that had been made specifically for me.  Either way, I don't remember caring about all that - I just remember being so happy.  I had brown stockings and a brown skirt, and on top I wore a green turtle neck. Covering my head was a halo of petals - I remember feeling so special. But I have to admit, the last few months have ruined it for me.  I'll be the first to say that I am sick of dressing up. Because after a year and a half of theme parties (once a week for the most part) my head is echoing empty ideas.  I have no idea what I want to be for Halloween - and really why should I ? As every perfectly good option has been sucked away into some other theme party.  So far my most productive addition to the Penthouse planning committee has been a push for being Indians - I just really want to be Pocahontas. But honestly, I don't really have any good ideas.  I just can't think of anything. 

A list of things I have dressed up as for CESEM parties :
  • teenage mutant ninja turtle
  • pirate
  • rockstar
  • superhero
  • gangster
  • tropical vacationer
  • Fire
  • robot
So you can understand my dilemma, right? I dress up more often than a transvestite.We just dress up because in the states I went to on average like 4 dress up parties a year - one of which was HALLOWEEN.   And to make matters worse, I can't be anything too specific because the kids at my school won't get it. They will not get American cultural references.  They are all under the impression that Halloween means being scary - which just makes it into yet ANOTHER theme party: the theme being SCARY. We've tried to explain to them that in the US costumes are either funny, distasteful or - a few - even scary, but mostly girls just end up dressing like slutty cops or firemen. I feel like all
I do in France is search for the different ideas to play dress up, I am constantly on the look out for funny items to go with such and such costume.  And it isn't because it isn't fun or all of that - we have a great time. But really, it's because I am apart of my school council and I am supposed to be at all the parties, dressed to the nines at every single one, and that kind of dedication, my friends, is exhausting.


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