Sunday, January 11, 2009

iPod and Nike+

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What a genius product. I've been wanting one since they first came out but could never convince myself to buy an iPod Nano.  The Nano has always seemed so useless to me - it's small, doesn't hold that much memory, and in the beginning seemed quite a lot compared to the larger classic. But then again, the things that initially held me back from purchasing my Nano are now some of the things I love best about it.

  • Size: I love how small my violet Nano is. It's light and gives the illusion that there is nothing on my arm when I'm out and about running. It's so small that I don't mind  tucking it into my purse as I travel.

  • Memory: I love having on 8 GB on my iPod. Too often with my classic iPod, I find myself listening to songs I don't even like. Since I have to be careful about how many songs I am putting on my Nano, I only put playlists on it meaning that I am making thoughtful choices about my song choices.

  • Price: It wasn't that expensive.  Now a days the Nano is running $145 for 8 GB, the first Nanos were much more expensive, and so it makes sense that I felt I should buy the more memory / dollar classic when I choose my first two iPods.
If the top three things make me like the Nano, the Nike+ feature of the Nano has made me LOVE it.
This is probably the best thing that I could have purchased over winter break. It was an impulse purchase, but I am definitely glad that I sprung for it. I had been mulling over buying the Nano and Nike+ sensor (I already had the shoes)  during my entire vacation- looking for a way to motivate me to get on my New Year's resolutions.

And motivate me it has. There are so many thoughtful functions built into the software. Today, I made a goal to run at a good steady pace for the entire 3 miles, I was rewarded with Lance Armstrong's voice telling me that I had run my personal best. I'm even a tad embarrassed to admit this, but it definitely pumped me up and has me ready to get out there and hit the pavement some more.


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