Monday, January 26, 2009

A list of reasons why my life got better today

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  • I started my marketing majeure. This is pretty excellent on many fronts. It's a subject that makes me want to participate in class and participate I did today - answering prompted questions and even asking my own. I feel so much more confident in marketing, and it's a subject that gets me pumped up and actually EXCITED to learn about. I'm looking forward to all the speakers we will be having in the next few weeks AND our awesome branding project on M&M's.

  • I booked tickets to Marrakech, Morocco this evening! That's right, at the end of February, I am totally going to ride a camel in the desert! WOOT! And I will also be buying amazing scarves! Everyone who goes to Morocco comes back with gorgeous scarves!

  • We cleaned our kitchen/bathroom/living room when we got home. There was chocolate everywhere - on the floors, on the counters- from a saturday cake baking extravaganza. And we got out of class early today so we got home a half an hour earlier than usual, which totally brought up morale and made us ready for a cleaning frenzy! Next up: my bedroom! Eeeks!

  • I've lost a kilo (2.2lbs) since I've started my working out business. I've also been paying attention to what I eat, but all in all, progress has been made! This has me even more excited for hitting the pavement and staying away from aforementioned cakes ;-).


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