Friday, January 30, 2009

A meme I completed today on Facebook : 25 things about me

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1. My first train ride was caused by a Air France strike in Paris. So I
got lost in the French airport, eventually found the train station part
and hopped on the train to Lyon. But oops for some reason I forgot to
pick up my luggage...well I was only 15, alone and very flustered.
(Luggage arrived two weeks later).

2. I have never been to California (or anywhere past NM for that matter), but I think I might like to live out there.

3. I like cooking, but I lack the very necessary patience to make
extraordinary things. I count on one day finding that patience.

4. I am really bad at reading watches. I currently own a hot pink
plastic watch that announces the time when I press a button. I <3

5. At my first internship, one of my projects was interviewing
potential superheros! Probably one of my best professional moments...

6. I was scarred for life when, at five, I snuck into my sister
Ashley's sleepover and watched the movie The Witches with them. I still
have nightmares of Angelica Houston peeling off her skin.

7. Speaking of nightmares, shortly after this, my mom came into my room
and picked me up during one of these nightmare episodes, and I peed all
over her.

8.I wanted to go by my middle name when I went to college. I had big
plans of being called Alexis and burying the Brittany hatchet. But
sadly, when it came to my first introduction - I forgot. D:

9. I have an obsession with eating with my knife in my right hand. I
even don't know how to use only a fork anymore, because I can't seem to
get things on my fork without my knife.

10. My roommate Lana and I named the kitten we adopted after the street
that we got him on, his name is Edwin and he is perfect. I had to teach
Lana how to hold him as we carried him home. She looked like she was
strangling the little guy!

11. I have dreams of one day being some kind of educator.

12. When I was little I always wanted my little sister to sleep with
me, because I was afraid of the dark. I always made her sleep on the
side that was closest to the door.

13. My three sisters and I look nothing alike.

14. I love eating in grocery stores. There is nothing more delightful than going to Whole Foods EVERY SINGLE DAY.

15. I am a very bad speller (spell check is on all of my computer
applications), but for some reason one of my favorite parts of cranium
is gnilleps (group spelling backwards).

16. I generally think I am a very shy person, but somehow I have always been considered bold.

17. I have a tendency to make things up if I don't know the answer.
Some may call this lying, but I feel bad if I don't give an answer to
people. I like thinking that they have some kind of comfort. I'll give
directions to anyone!

18. I am terrified of escalators. Going up or going down - it doesn't
matter. I have no explanation for this fear, but I know that my heart
hurts when I can't see the top from the bottom of an escalator.

19. I have fought against being late all my life. Growing up, my family
as a whole was always late to everything. But even with all the trying
in the world - my sense of Blackmon time triumphs over all.

20.My school burnt down when I was in fifth grade. My Beauty and the
Beast songbook did not survive the fire, and so I never learned how to
completely play Tale as Old as Time.

21. My favorite artist is Botero as a whole. But oddly my favorite
sculpture, The Appeal to the Great Spirit, is found in front of the MFA
in Boston and not done by Botero at all.

22. I discovered my first polaroid land camera in a flea market last
spring in Paris. I have been a fan ( I have three now) of them ever

23. I dream in both French and English and have for the last 5 years.
But oddly enough, the people (like my parents) who normally speak
English, speak French in my dreams.

24. When I decide that I like something, it always becomes heralded as
THE VERY BEST THING, I HAVE EVER (insert verb here). I have inherited
this from my Grandfather, who (when I was growing up) was always
pulling out news clippings and talking about the BEST THING HE HAD EVER
HEARD OF. I do that too, only I send them by email ;-).

25. I have an awkward obsession with home goods, and crafty projects. I
could look at the IKEA catalogue for hours, and DesignSponge is one of
my favorite blogs!


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