Sunday, January 18, 2009

One by One

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This semester has kind of thrown me for a loop. Not only do I have my mémoire to worry about, but I am also taking 6 classes. Though interestingly enough, I am not taking them all at the same time. Let me explain...

For some reason, my school decided to make us all take each class (2 majors and 4 electives) one by one.  This is the first time I have ever done this and it is a pretty stressful system in terms of order, but day to day the schedule is much lighter.  For instance, during this week I had 3 days off and only two days of classes.  So technically, I had time to work on my mémoire and do a bunch of other things, but with me not being very motivated and also sick, my productivity level was not where it should have been. The reason the order is stressful is that I have to start a new subject every 2/3 weeks, meaning that I have no time to figure out what the professor wants or get comfortable with the material. It is all just BAM and WHAM and then there is final exam that comes out of nowhere- all too sudden, all too soon.

 January started off with my Human Ressources major that I have to take for 45 hours as compared with the electives that only  take 30 hours of my time. It all seems weird to say the very least, because at Northeastern to get a major in a subject, I had to take four classes (each a semester long) and then two electives in that major. Awkward, right?

I've almost completed my 45 hours of HR classes and to be honest, I don't really feel like I have majored in HR at all.  On Friday, when I take my exam, I will supposedly have completed my 'major' in HR, but does 45 hours of anything really mean that much? I can't say that I feel they do, especially when Northeastern is counting my 'major' as the equivalent to the Introduction to Human Ressources credit that all Northeastern students need to graduate with a business degree.

My next class is going to be the Marketing 'major'. I've talked with some of the other students that took it during this period and it sounds pretty elementary. But to be fair and openminded, I will give it a chance and update after the 45 hours have been completed.


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