Friday, January 16, 2009

Wall Street Bar

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I went to a new bar that has opened up in Reims as of late. It is called Wall Street Bar and it is a chain of bars that started in Paris. Last night's fun was based on market speculation and good musak.

The premise of the Wall Street bar is this: you go there and the drinks are a certain price, but depending on how many people are buying that drink the price goes up or down. When I arrived at the bar the Cosmopolitan was 7.50 euros and when I finally decided to buy the drink it was 5.50 euros, but as I received my drink the price dropped to 4.50! I was so upset! I had an opportunity cost of 1 euro! Gah!

Everyone in the bar is watching the screens to see the prices go up and down. And you see people running down the stairs when the price seems to be just right. They either come back with a drink or cursing their bad luck. It is pretty hilarious. Going to a Wall Street bar means that you get to make really ridiculous business jokes.

The DJ was housed in the front of a Volvo bus that they had attached to the wall.

The only downer was that it was really hot in the bar AND that it closed near midnight! Which is pretty absurd.

All in all a fun night out in Reims.

Sad, that I woke up this morning very sick D:

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