Monday, February 9, 2009


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Wow, just saw the newest Kindle that is going to come on at the end of February. Needless to say as a bookworm and a geek, I kind of want one.

I don't know  what the reviews are about how reading on a Kindle affects eyesight, but even with that I'm really really (really!) interested.

Things that are different with the new Kindle!
It has more battery life, more storage and lots of other good things, but the size of it is what gets me. :-D So sleek, so shiny, so beautiful - I'm totally having a geek moment! I would be interested in touching it before I bought it though.

This is definitely going on my list of things to buy once I am a real person that, and a netflicks membership, a Deva hair diffuser, a MacbookPro and the list goes on to infinity!

NEW KINDLE: Amazon Kindle 2.0 Available February 24 (PHOTOS).

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  1. i think you must also add an iphone or a smartphone to that list
    oh and maybe think about living with me and edwin again :D