Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is where I studied for 10 hours today!!!!!

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At 2:00 pm this afternoon, my roommate Flore and I decided to recreate a library in our living room. We both need a good work environment, but weren't willing to schelp in the cold, rain and snow for that.
This is what we came up with (in our living room). My desk has been brought in from my room, and Flore is working at the kitchen table. 

*Note the awesome lighting, the large personal workspaces, snacks, and water bottles. :-)

At 10:00 pm this is what our study space looked like.

*Note the clementine peels, the new (and larger) coffee mugs and the eternal darkness outside.

At midnight we decided we were finished for the day.  Well mostly because the day...ummm... has ...errr officially ended. ;-)

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  1. i enjoy that in the second picture it looks like whoever was at the third table (with the white macbook) has long ago given up and their space has tv remotes and magazines.