Sunday, March 22, 2009

Writing this mémoire

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It's getting down to the ticker. I have 26 days until my mémoire needs to be finished and I need to be packing my bags for a 750 km bike ride towards Venice.

The pressure is mounting, but I know I can do it. At this point, I can't even think in "can" or "try".... there is only do or do not. :-)

The mémoire is a pickle. On one hand, I'm really interested in my subject; it's what I want to do with my next chapter of my life. But on the other hand, it just seems like this unattainable thing that gets farther away from me with every step I take closer toward it. It's an odd feeling this treadmill effect, where I feel that even as hard as I try I don't get anywhere at all.

I have half of my interviews done, practically 20 pages written, but I can't shake this feeling of being farther away from my goal.

I'll just be happy when it's over with.

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  1. Yes you can!
    I mean come on, if Obama could become President then you can finish your memoire!!