Saturday, May 30, 2009

Les admissibles CESEM

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Over the last week, I've been putting in long hours at my school for the two week period known as "les admissibles".  This is a huge event at my school and is the moment when potential students that have passed the written examination come to take part in their oral interviews. The day consists of them arriving in the morning, watching two presentations (one BDE and one from the Administration), doing a language interview (in the language of the program they want to go to : English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc) and then a personal motivation interview in French.
The students known as "les admissibles" are nervous and uncomfortable in their new suits, and are full of questions for us as they want to give perfect responses.  As "admisseurs" we are there to share our experience, keep them occupied and show them how awesome CESEM is. This is not difficult.
We start the day with our presentation. A presentation where I tell two personal stories of my experience in Reims, as do other members of my student council. Then we show them a few videos (both of which seem sentimental as we are nearing the end of our year), and we finish with a quick cheerleading routine done by our IBWE cheerleaders (utterly hilarious and awesome).  It is so crazy to see how small they are as they walk by full of ideas and excitement/nervousness.  I see myself in them five years back, so excited to begin Northeastern, and even more excited at the prospect of two years in France!
I'm also running the restaurant reservations, and so I have to make sure how many admissibles are going out to dinner each night, and which admisseurs are
going with them.  The school pays for the admisseurs to go out to dinner meaning it has been tight competition to get in for a free meal. This is totally normal with college students ;-). But is is also pretty tiring as it is non-stop conversation, and usually lasts till 11pm (dinner begins at 8:30pm).
At the end of the day, I'm so excited for the little admissibles that I meet. They are beginning their college experience, and (the lucky ones) might even be doing the CESEM program, a program that I am delighted to have taken part in. On a more selfish note, I'm really glad that the whole event is going on, because  it kind of forces us all to hang out every day and soak in the last weeks together.
The reality that the end is coming is starting to hit us all. Yesterday, a friend of mine brought a flag to be signed by everyone. I sometimes feel like my whole self just starts to feel like "error, error, error when I think of CESEM ending.  I'm really going to miss Reims, all my wonderful friends who are going to be scattered all over the world, and speaking and living in French.
19 days until I head off to NYC.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I finished my undergraduate degree on Tuesday at 18h22. I defended my thesis, was told that I will get a good grade, AND that it was interesting.
This is delightful and exciting news. I really did it. 5 years and now done. DONE. DONE. DONE.
Things I've done....

  • Finished five years of school. Two of which were spent in France.
  • Interviewed more in French than in English as a result of doing a six month internship in Paris, France.
  • Received a French and American undergraduate business degree : Magna Cum Laude
  • Wrote a 89 page thesis on e-commerce and web 2.0 (in French) 
  • Found my interest in the Internets during my first internship (love at first site!) (pun! O_o)
  • Planned a trip for 100 international business students in Italy for IBWE
  • Wrote a weekly newsletter for my school during this entire year, in French and HTML.
  • Biked 750 km to Venice during a week of vacation to IBWE.
  • Traveled to cities all over Europe and Africa! 
  • Made lasting friendships with people who are going to be all over the world doing wonderful things
  • Developed the self-confidence and resilience necessary take me to my next adventure 
So there you have it. A small overview of me. College. What has happened. The magnitude of it all is still hitting me. But I can feel the small drums of excitement beating through me. The reverberations signaling the promise of new things to come. I'm scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time, but I'm ready for something fresh. Working world, look out, I'm coming...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Comings and goings

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Things have been pretty good over here. Quick list of great (and remarkable) events:

  1. Finished my mémoire! Woot! So much work went into the 89 pages of Volume I and the 36 pages of Volume II, I can barely believe it is finished. I have to defend it on Tuesday in front of my advisor and another professor, currently working on that presentation right now.

  2. Had my last classes of CESEM and Undergrad. Can't deny it, feelz good.

  3. Went to London. Visited my good friend Misha. Saw dinos in the Natural History museum, and even went to see Star Trek. Ate so much good food - Indian, Portuguese, Greek, etc. I was in vegetarian heaven. Am going to start looking for jobs in London ASAP.

  4. Going to Disneyland Paris on Monday - this should be magical and fun, but Sunday we will be sleeping in Paris, drinking shreks galore at Le Kitch and picnicing at Flamingo Pizza OOOooo so excited!

  5. Epic Road Trip is in planning mode! Ze Germans arrive chez moi le 1 juillet! Woot!

  6. Currently planning orientation events for my school. I'm pretty excited to have a last hurrah with everyone. 

  7. Starting to look for a job - feelz weird.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Magna Cum Laude : Northeastern '09

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