Friday, May 15, 2009

Comings and goings

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Things have been pretty good over here. Quick list of great (and remarkable) events:

  1. Finished my mémoire! Woot! So much work went into the 89 pages of Volume I and the 36 pages of Volume II, I can barely believe it is finished. I have to defend it on Tuesday in front of my advisor and another professor, currently working on that presentation right now.

  2. Had my last classes of CESEM and Undergrad. Can't deny it, feelz good.

  3. Went to London. Visited my good friend Misha. Saw dinos in the Natural History museum, and even went to see Star Trek. Ate so much good food - Indian, Portuguese, Greek, etc. I was in vegetarian heaven. Am going to start looking for jobs in London ASAP.

  4. Going to Disneyland Paris on Monday - this should be magical and fun, but Sunday we will be sleeping in Paris, drinking shreks galore at Le Kitch and picnicing at Flamingo Pizza OOOooo so excited!

  5. Epic Road Trip is in planning mode! Ze Germans arrive chez moi le 1 juillet! Woot!

  6. Currently planning orientation events for my school. I'm pretty excited to have a last hurrah with everyone. 

  7. Starting to look for a job - feelz weird.


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