Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I finished my undergraduate degree on Tuesday at 18h22. I defended my thesis, was told that I will get a good grade, AND that it was interesting.
This is delightful and exciting news. I really did it. 5 years and now done. DONE. DONE. DONE.
Things I've done....

  • Finished five years of school. Two of which were spent in France.
  • Interviewed more in French than in English as a result of doing a six month internship in Paris, France.
  • Received a French and American undergraduate business degree : Magna Cum Laude
  • Wrote a 89 page thesis on e-commerce and web 2.0 (in French) 
  • Found my interest in the Internets during my first internship (love at first site!) (pun! O_o)
  • Planned a trip for 100 international business students in Italy for IBWE
  • Wrote a weekly newsletter for my school during this entire year, in French and HTML.
  • Biked 750 km to Venice during a week of vacation to IBWE.
  • Traveled to cities all over Europe and Africa! 
  • Made lasting friendships with people who are going to be all over the world doing wonderful things
  • Developed the self-confidence and resilience necessary take me to my next adventure 
So there you have it. A small overview of me. College. What has happened. The magnitude of it all is still hitting me. But I can feel the small drums of excitement beating through me. The reverberations signaling the promise of new things to come. I'm scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time, but I'm ready for something fresh. Working world, look out, I'm coming...


  1. Back to the real world my friend.

  2. UUUUHHH that's sooo great Brittany! I'm glad your soutenance went well! Really hope to see you soon, maybe in the US this summer if you're there... anyway gud luck for the future.
    x Marion