Monday, June 29, 2009


home, home, home.
I haven't blogged in ages. Honestly, I've been pretty busy moving from France, hanging out in New York and visiting with my sisters to even be on my computer.
I'm really happy that I'm home and it has been really nice being around my sisters. I feel grounded when I'm at home with them, and it is hilarious to be part of our family (even if we sometimes behave like a bad family sitcom or drama!). I have been away for so long, but I love coming home and being part of my big, wonderful, disorganized family. I like being there to go on walks around the lake, go out to dinner at fabulous Austin restaurants, and just be here.
Some things that have happened since I left France with 3 sixty pound suitcases, one large bike and a 22 pound carry-on:

  • stayed with Lana in New York with her family. We had delicious hand cut french fries (as made by her momma), we out to yummy restaurants, and saw two great movies (UP and Away we go). It was nice seeing her and Edwin (who had to get shaved while we were there - he looks like a loser). We talked about new adventures, me moving to New York, and other life things.

  • went to see Austin's Girls Rock Camp showcase. It was amazing seeing 9-14 year old girls rock out with such confidence, talent, and ambition. My little sister was a camp counselor and it was mighty good to see her excited about her band.

  • received an email confirmation that my iphone is in the mail! Woot! This means that blogging will be going mobile.

  • arranged things for upcoming road trip. Booked a wigwam in Arizona, campsites in national parks, and have been anxiously waiting for the Germans (and French) to arrive!

  • started the job search, and updated my resume. Things are ready to go! 

  • Planned 4th of July pool party with my family! Our new pool is ready for its inaugural pool party! Veggie burgers, hamburgers, corn on the cob and other exciting delicious items are on the menu!

I'll be posting details about the road trip asap! :-D


  1. you got to bring your bike!

  2. um you forgot about the ridiculous 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwiches we devoured which made us slightly sick and nauseous!