Saturday, December 12, 2009

10, 11, 12 - three more reasons to look forward to the New Year

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10: I'll be a month older, wiser, and more ready to take on things. Things seems vague, but who knows what will come up in 2010. I have no idea where I'll be living, what company I'll be keeping and what I will be brought. I'll just have to deal with each little bump with ninja kicks and good humor. Because that's all I can do.

11: Reading more. I haven't been reading a lot lately and that bums me out. I love to read, but haven't felt inspired by a good book lately. I'm a reader, have been since I was a wee one, and can get lost for hours in plot, protagonists, and puns. I've been trying to read Outliers in effort to be more corporate (no words), but I can barely get through it. I get inspired when I hear what it is about, but one page of it makes my brain automatically snooze. Big time bummer. I'm determined to read it, because I think it definitely had good insights. We had a speaker at Bazaarvoice last month who said that reading is one of the most important steps toward success. I like that. But I know I am definitely more of a fiction reader, dreamer. That is just who I am, and because of it I can use the word grok. In my book, that equals awesome.

12: Sunday is currently sleeping on my neck. This makes typing difficult. I've been spending a ton of time loving her, petting her and telling her she is awesome. This is why I was a bit delayed in my writing project. But I'm in to being flexible, and that is something that 2010 needs to have as well. I need room to grow and if that means certain flexibility in life (putting more time into working out), in meeting people (being less judgmental perhaps),  and in my to do list (here might need to be a little more rigid), I'm willing to take that on. :-) Sunday makes me so happy and I can't wait to take her on walks in the park, in the sunshine, with my day being centered on having fun and enjoying life. Because being flexible means I can do whatever I want, I just need to roll with the punches.


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