Sunday, December 13, 2009

13: spending more time outside

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I know waves of my discomfort with the cold in Austin have permeated my other posts, but today was just another reminder of why I need a little more warmth. It was 70, sunny and glorious outside today. Sunday and I sat outside on our stoop, she ran around and I just sat there taking in some rays, feeling my bones warm up. We had refused to turn the heat on during the past two weeks of the cold front, but has perserved with hot tea, blankets, and going to bed early. I hated the idea of having to turn the heat on in Texas and so it became a challenge. I'm looking forward to doing more fun outside things next year, taking Sunday to the dog park, hikes in and around Austin, and going on bike rides. So many fun things can be done in temperate weather, which Austin can lack as temperatures can just be so extreme. But today was a good day and I want a month of good days in 2010 - so I can comfortably and happily spend more time outside.


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