Tuesday, December 15, 2009

14 Going to Boston

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I miss Boston. I miss the leaves, the restaurants, the public transportation, the sidewalks I could trail on for hours, the parks, El Pelon (maybe it will be rebuilt), the Arboretum, the Fenways, Queensberry street in general, Espresso Royale, AMC Fenway, Kendall Square, the Reflecting pool, the Mapparium, The Other Side cafe, bagels, Herrells, the South end, Sowa Open Market, and many more things.

I'm definitely going to go back this summer, when the weather is perfect and my funds are a little more secure. It will be a weekend of tasting, frolicking, and being silly. I want to walk everywhere, till my legs hurt and I can't walk anymore. I want to go from the South End to Harvard Square and then from there to Inman Square (for pickles!). I want to stroll around Davis square and get a cup of joe from Diesel. The next day, I want to start it off with a bagel and cc from Espresso Royale followed by sunning on NU campus (because it is pretty) and then taking the 39 to Jamaica Plain to browse the stores and then go for more sunning in the Arboretum. There are many more things I want to do, but I know that even more fun things have popped up in Boston while I've been gone, and that will be the most exciting part. Rediscovering a discovered place. 

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