Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make more delicious things: 2 of 31

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Nom, nom, nom.

I want to cook delicious things and put together recipies that make me excited to cook at night, even if it is only for 1-2 people. I want to experiement with spices, dabble with herbs and try new mixtures.  Last year, I started making cinnamon buns, which was a fun foray into making yeasty, cinnamon goodness. 

Whilst in Paris, my roommates and I started to make delicious salads without using lettuce.  We mixed beets, beans, corn, carrots, etc and created creations that we craved everyday over the hot summer.
So I'm looking forward to a delcious, healthy year in 2010. A year filled with veggies made in soups, salads, and bakes and a year filled with delicious homemade breads, buns, and deliciousness.

A tasty 2010! :-)


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