Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slight delay in my 31 things made me think of 8 & 9

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Didn't end up getting to write yesterday because of a few things going on that made life crazy.

Yesterday little Sunday was looking a little mopey. She seemed lethargic from the moment I got home to about 10 o' clock. She didn't want to eat anything and was looking pathetic. I got nervous so I took her to the vet. Good news: nothing too serious. Bad news: she has parasites! Eeeeeks! That is what happens when you are a raggamuffin with an obscure past. Parasites. So the events of yesterday made me look forward to 2010 even more, because that means Sunday (sometimes called Sunny) will have been here for over a month, hopefully will be free of parasites, and will finally started to come into her own.

Number 9 is simple. I'm sitting in my apartment and I'm freezing. I want December to end, and to land on two warm(er) feet in 2010. We've had cold drizzly weather for the last week and I'm sick of it. I did not move to Austin to be cold, miserable or wet from misty rain. Also, in Texas, when the weather gets a little bit bad everyone starts driving crazy and it makes commuting even more tiresome. I know January isn't the best month either, but I just need to get through that and head to February where I've heard it gets back to warm comfort.


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