Sunday, December 6, 2009

Training Sunday to be awesome: 6 of 31

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I adopted a puppy today. A little wriggling ball of joy with freckles on her feet and black markings on her face. She howls every once and awhile, which is probably one of the most adorable things on the planet.  Puppy training classes start on January 14th. We will socialize little Miss Sunday, and make her the best housebroken little puppy in the world. She will do tricks, learn to be hilarious, and go with me for long walks around Town Lake. This is put on here for 2010, because Sunday will be the most ready to learn around January. She is a little peach.

I thought long and hard about adopting her, but I just knew that I needed to take her home. I asked myself how I would pay for her bills, how much time I would be able to afford her, and if it was fair to her to be an apartment dog. She will be littlish - no taller than my knee, but because she is a mutt nothing is sure.  I know that I will be able to care for her, train her, and keep her forever. Because I make the things that I want happen. I'm sure of it. She was a little fleabag that needed a home, and I gave her one, a forever one. I love her because she is a little squeaker, gives puppy kisses, and has a little bit of doofus in her face. I love her. 

So as my sister says, today, I saved two lives from the pound, Sunny's and the other puppy that will be able to be taken into fostercare. Hooray! :-)


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