Friday, January 1, 2010

Wow 2010: Final List!

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  1. Using my new body bugg and getting fit! :-) Woot!
  2. Going Camping! I want to take little Miss Sunday with me to Big Bend! I have a National Parks membership so I feel that I should use it before it runs out. Maybe another trip to the Grand Canyon should be in order. I'd love to go to the waterfalls on the Havasupai Trail!
  3. Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in DC. My favorite time of year there - pink, pretty and wonderful!
  4. Harry Potter expo at the Museum of Science in Boston! 
  5. Organizing my new room in the new apartment! Trips to Ikea will be made!I've already been perusing the sales.
  6. Finishing the translation of my memoire! Needs to happen.
  7. Reading more in general. This sounds like a cop out, but I need to start finishing books. I tend to fall asleep two pages in. This needs to stop. 
  8.  Being more organized in my life. Mobile me will happen as soon as I'm FT and an owner of a new computer (Jan 26 = Apple wonder!).
  9. Being more calm and mindful. Maybe I'll meditate.
  10. Sunday starts puppy kindergarten on January 3rd!
  11. Enjoying a full Texas summer. On the trail, at the pool and in the heat. Kind of nervous for that, but I think I will survive with ample ice cream, cold pool dips and air conditioning!
  12. Planning great adventures. Small and large and sticking to them. Hooray for 2010. A new decade, and to think at the end of it I will be 33. At the moment, I have limited clarity to what I will be doing. Weird. 


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