Monday, March 29, 2010

A little taste of Paris: La Durée, Velibing and the famous Apple Store!

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Oh how wonderful seeing everyone has been and just being glorious in Paris & Reims! Today, Marlene, Julien and I woke up and went and ate falafel in the Marais and the we headed off to the Champs Élysée to have a luxurious tea and some delicious macroons at La Durée. 

Marlene had to catch a flight to Hambourg (she missed her flight on Sunday morning) and so she left us a bit early. We were sad, but I'm just more excited to see her the next time! Julien and I headed straight to the vélibs to take a ride on the Champs to the Louvre. I felt amazing riding down next to the traffic and it was a wonderful Paris moment.


Our destination was not the actual museum, but the Apple store! I've been dying to see it and I can promise you that I was not let down. It is gorgeously designed with a beautiful reflection of the inverse pyramid. Dan Brown would love it!


Oh how I've been happy here and now all I can think of is how am I going to come back! I love being in Paris and with all my friends; speaking French, being a bit irreverent, and high-fiving to the max! Tomorrow, I get back on the plane and I will head to Austin. Bittersweet departure, but it is alway nice to be home.


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