Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little cousins at horse camp

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Oh what a week last week was! My two little 8 yr old cousins were staying at my apartment in Austin and attending Horse Camp from 8-12 every morning. It was a fun week filled with family friendly movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Lightening Thief, the Velveteen Rabbit. We had to eat primarily at diners as one little imp eats only things that are yellow (Mac&cheese, butter pasta, bread).

Every night, I would come home and get a download of the day's events. The kids would have terrorized Sunday, bickered between themselves and have shed tears if their painting projects weren't perfect. Horse Camp was a big topic as they would confess their love for the horses they had been assigned: Quincy & Walter. They would tell me if they were scared or if they had trotted on their horse. All the little fun details they could muster. On Friday, they had a horse show to celebrate the end of camp. As their guardians for the week, my sister and I went to take pictures and see what they had learned to give a full report to their parents. The results were hilarious. We found that even with their big stories of triumph, they were beginners! But the obvious fun was how excited and gloriously happy they both were atop their equine friends. I've included a little video of them riding!

It was wonderful to have them spend time with us and we enjoyed their terribly funny perspectives on most anything.


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