Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thin Places

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I remember first going to Fourvière when I moved to Lyon. It was the type of place you walked into and felt immediately quieted. I never knew why I felt that sense of peace and awe, but I feel that the term "thin space" describes it exactly.

The idea of a place being the the veil between Heaven and Earth makes me infinitely happy. Indeed, I feel that I have been searching for those places all my life. When I leave my quotidien, I'm looking for a sign of relief, a glimpse of clarity, and a chance to evaluate how I've been living. A thin space is exactly the location that soothes, revitalizes and comforts. I also love the poetry behind thin places being everywhere in between the shelves of an old bookstore, a favorite bar, or park.

That these places exist and people recognize them continues to inspire and amaze me. It makes me feel closer to heaven just thinking about it.


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