Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hi Blogger!

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For a long time I've been looking to consolidate my blogs. I started out using TypePad and then eventually moved to Posterous once I got a smartphone. After I realized that Posterous wouldn't let me migrate my TypePad content, I realized it was time to go because my online world needed to be complete. Enter Blogger. I've been thinking about Blogger and Wordpress for a while. It seemed to make sense because it would be connected with my Gmail account and I would hopefully end up finally having a bit more online consolidation (I just don't want to have to manage another account). 

The move to Blogger has been a blessing and curse. A curse because I've had to do a lot more manual editing than I thought necessary and a blessing because it forced me to go through a lot of my archives. I've found some gems as I've gone through old posts and I'm glad that I have this open love letter to my life. I've been writing it for 5 years.

One surprising thing was that I had written not one, but two posts about how I needed to move to San Francisco. These were written in 2009. When I was considering my move to Google, I wasn't even thinking about moving my physical location. I was looking to stay in the Austin area but changing companies. It's amazing how much I was moving towards a goal I must have had inside of me that I wasn't even ready to commit to. A goal that I had pushed to the back burner (because of fear? stability? complacency?).

Many of my posts are during my two years abroad in France. When I read through and see the girl who was scared/brave, I understand that I pull from a well of strength that gets me through tough decisions and hard times. Sometimes I do things and I don't even realize that they would be hard for other people, I do them because I need to, because something inside of me drives me to "Go, go, go!". I've had amazing experiences because of that drive and I'm really glad that I've documented it along the way.

Reading through my old posts made me realize how honest I was about things that were hard during those years. I've really missed blogging as an outlet to talk to myself about triumphs, failures and fears. I've been reading a lot of weight loss, fashion and DIY blogs. Lately, I've been interested in having better life habits. I've been making little changes in my life that will hopefully snowball into something bigger.  In fact, I don't plan on on waiting for it to snowball, I plan on pushing myself down the hill.

So come along, friends, family, and strangers, let's do this together.


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