Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 month Paleo progress and exercise

Hi friends!

It has been a busy busy 5 months! I wanted to follow up on my last post about eating Paleo! I mentioned that my next step was to add in exercise and I have been doing just that.

Here are some things I have learned/ experienced:

Starting to exercise isn't easy, but you have to push yourself for the 1st month. I started out just doing 3 days of exercise a week and now I am consistently at 4-5 days and I feel great. Having a workout buddy who keeps me accountable has been game changing! I used to be the person who always went and had lunch with my friends at work, but now I would rather go to the gym in the middle of the day, shower and head back to my desk to eat my lunch. It was a big shift, but I'm glad I made it.

OMG SO HUNGRY. The first month of starting to exercise, I was hungry all the time. This was because I was doing a lot of cardio and since I eat very few carbs in my day, I was having trouble with fatigue and hunger. I had to adjust the way I was eating to make sure I had the right balance of veggies and protein. I'm still tempted by sweets, but I try to be very diligent about reducing sugar and carbs and adding in more protein and vegetables.

I'm so much stronger! When I first started out, I could only hold a plank on my knees. Now I can do a full plank for 30 seconds and am getting closer and closer to a minute! I also started out using 3lbs weights and now consistently use 5lbs weights. I'm at the point where I'm about to level up again and start using 8lbs! My strength was also something I experienced over the weekend when I went stand up paddle boarding on Lady Bird lake in Austin. I've been doing a lot of balance work in one of my classes and I really think it helped me stand up on the board.

Wear a heart rate monitor. This gets me excited every time I work out. I wear a Suunto M4, but my next choice would be the Polar FT40. I try to always burn 500 calories in each session that I work out. This is usually very easy to achieve in an hour class and a bit harder in a 45 minute class. It is the sort of thing that adds just enough game mechanics to my workout to inspire me.  If I don't make my calorie burn after a class, I force myself to go do something else afterwards. This can be anything from doing pushups and more sit ups or running for 10 minutes on the treadmill at work. 500 is my goal each time I work out and I try not to miss that target.

Ready to try more new things. Exercise has become *gasp* fun and I get excited about trying new things each day. I've recently been doing the Betty Rocker challenge and am about to experience my first round of Crossfit!

Get inspired! I've been following a bunch of fitness and weightloss people on the instagram and blogs. This helps me stay motivated and keeps me excited about new ways of getting fit. Two of my favorites are beautifulchunk and kelly_flab2fab!

I'll be back with more updates and will leave you with a progress photo!

July 2012 vs. June 2013