Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking fabulous at the gym

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In my new adventures of working out, I've found that it really helps and motivates me to be in clothes that are not only comfortable, but also very cute. I used to wear oversized tshirts and cotton yoga pants, but now I've moved into more sleek performance wear. It makes me feel so much better and happier when I'm half dying in the gym.

I love color so while I normally sport dark pants, my shirt, shoes and accessories are all up for grabs. They tend to be pink, purple and green. I've recently added in orange and neon yellow and love love how they look. I adore matching and so tend coordinate all of my outfits from my socks to my bra. It's the little things that get me there and make me excited about my workout. Whatever works, right?

Below is my current favorite workout outfit:

PantalonesI love the stripey pants from Old Navy. I think they are just a fun spin on my normal black compression pants. A lot of my friends wear Lululemon and I think those pants and shirts are adorable, but for $15-20 Old Navy activewear is a steal. I love having a bit of compression because it feels supportive while I workout.
Shirt: I like this sort billowy shirt because it isn't so form fitting. For someone like me who is working on their fitness, tight on problem areas is not so fun. Feeling good about yourself is synonymous with comfort and so finding the right balance of fitted and loose is important. 
Sports bra: Having a great sports bra is absurdly necessary. I love Moving Comfort and the Fiona is my absolute favorite. I want to get a couple of their racerback bras as well so they go with some new workout shirts I've been wearing. I have 5 of these in all different colors!

ShoesThe shoes I bought off Amazon because I love Asics and I fell immediately in love with the crazy amounts of color on them. I love them, they make me smile and they are comfortable to boot! I need quite a bit of support and these aren't as totally cushioned as my running shoes (Asics as well), but these give me enough support for Crossfit and Cardio Sculpt.

Heart Rate monitor: I mentioned in my exercise post that I wear a heart rate monitor for all of my exercise.  The one in the picture above is the same model, but mine is actually black and hot pink. I wear a HRM so I can keep track of my calories burned and know that I'm exerting a consistent amount of energy in each workout. When I'm in class and I see that my calories burned isn't where I want it to be, I just pick up the pace. It's a great motivator. When I'm at home and working out by myself, I just try to burn the same about of calories within the same amount of time as my normal fitness class. 
Hair ties: I love these little hair ties that have the not in them. I find they don't get tangled in my hair and I don't mind wearing them on my wrist as a bracelet. Also, they come in a variety of colors, which is obviously important. 
Water: I'm terrible and love bottled water. During my fitness journey, I've turned from a hummingbird drinker into a more normal human being. This Metromint sort of tastes like toothpaste, but is very refreshing. The bottle is also aesthetically pleasing, which doesn't hurt.

What helps you get excited for the gym?


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