Sunday, August 25, 2013

Surround yourself with people who push you forward

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I find inspiration everywhere, but more importantly, I draw inspiration from the people around me. While in Vietnam last year, my friends and I discussed what we look for in friends. My view has always been that the people you surround yourself with bring you up and push you forward. These are the people who make you a smarter, funnier and better version of yourself.

As I'm on my fitness journey, I've been thinking a lot about  my friends and realizing how lucky I am. 

My friends are fit. Diane is my fitness partner during the week. We take classes together every day, talk about going to Crossfit throughout the entire day and high five each other pretty much after every exercise. From bike rides to runs to going to the gym every day at work, I'm lucky to have a group of friends who push me to do all kinds of fitness. I could probably do this all alone, but I would have have such a harder time pushing myself to get moving.

My friends are thoughtful. Dasha is always encouraging me in so many ways.  I'm always impressed with the things she remembers and takes to heart. It is 8,000 little things that mean so much. From just asking how it is going to a surprise bike jersey on my desk (to celebrate our new cycling goals). She got me to sign up for a 5K and is always bringing up fun activities that align with my new healthy lifestyle.

My friends are healthy. Joelle is constantly reading about healthy lifestyles and telling me different tips that she is trying. From gluten free to raw to just plain clean - I love learning about it! I love being friends with someone who is interested in super eating. She inspires me and makes me even more glad I've decided to make changes in my life.

My friends are passionate. Sam teaches school in Oakland and she is constantly inspiring me to love the things I do as much as I watch her love teaching. She believes in what she is doing wholeheartedly and that makes me so excited. Her passion for her job is rare. When I see how Sam is passionate, I know I need that same passion for my fitness journey (and life in general). I have to be excited and focused 100% on my goals. 

My friends are dedicated. Kathleen is always working on some crazy craft project. She can sit and work to perfect her cross-stitching for hours. It takes her a long time to get them just right. I'm learning that weight loss is a stitch by stitch process. It's mostly tedious and long. I have to be patient and dedicated to make it happen. I can't get discouraged or I'll just put myself further from my goals. 

I want to be the most dedicated, thoughtful, passionate, healthy, fit human on the planet.  I love that I have people around me teaching me how to be all of these things. The list above is limited - I wanted to show 5 people who I see all the time in San Francisco. There are so many more people supporting me each and every day with phone calls, chats, emails, etc. I'm also lucky to have an awesome family that I get to lean on. Together, we're actively changing my life.

Who inspires you and how do they do it?  


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